Shalom, Aloha and Welcome!

“Danit Schustermans cookbook is beautiful, thorough, simple to use, and a testament to the Jewish woman: she has gathered wisdom from her journeys around the world (and specifically from where she is now- in Hawaii!), blending the elegance and significance of kosher cooking with where she has found herself. Betei Avon!” - Mayim Bialik, Los Angeles CA

“The layout is spectacular and so user friendly. I love the size, the beautiful color photographs of each recipe and the simplicity of each dish. Maui Kosher, a job well done!” – Kayla Purkiss, Los Angeles CA

“I was shocked just HOW easy and simple these recipes were, and every dish I made was delicious. A MUST for every busy mom’s kitchen!” - Sara Friedman, Brooklyn NY

“Finally, a cookbook that is ACTUALLY quick and easy. I also loved the little informative notes next to each recipe.” – Shani Vardy, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I felt like I was getting a taste of Maui by using so many fresh ingredients in so many of the recipes. An exotic cookbook for the ordinary cook- highly recommended!” – Nicole Schwartz, Boca Raton FL